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Shadowhunters: 10 Best Moments Of Season 1

Shadowhunters: 10 Best Moments Of Season 1

The road towards a successful Shadowhunters series did not run smoothly. From the books came the Lily Collins-starring movie, which was originally supposed to be a trilogy only for the sequel to be postponed indefinitely after a poor box office opening, and then three years later came this great new rollercoaster of a Freeform series.

With its first run, Shadowhunters definitely had its ups and downs. Held back by bad dialogue, bad special effects and exposition aplenty, history looked doomed to repeat itself where the adaptation of the Mortal Instruments series was concerned, but good acting, good content (the book’s place on the New York Times Bestseller list speaks for itself) and a legion of book fans turned that around.

With a 20 episode order for season two, a bigger budget and its newfound status as a top-billed show at Freeform, we can expect the series to come back bigger and better than before, so we’ve taken a look back at season one to pick out some of the show’s best moments so far:

1. Jace and Alec fighting a demon in perfect unison:1-Jace-Alec-parabataiProving that parabatai do it better with some kick-ass fighting choreography and a whole load of the Jace and Alec bromance.

2. Jace saving Clary with a perfect quip:2.jace-saves-clary“What, no thank you for saving your life?” Cocky, arrogant, curious Jace is the best kind of Jace.

3. Basically any time Isabelle uses her whip:3-isabelle-whipIt’s always a beautiful a moment, and Izzy enjoys using it. So. Much.

4. Ditto Alec with his bow and arrow:4-alec-and-bowThere’s a reason he was so upset Magnus asked for it as payment for services rendered, you know.

5. Simon having a comeback for EVERYTHING:5-simon-boomI could fill this list with Simon’s comments, but nothing beats the fist-bumping “Boom!” moment in the battle of words between vampire and werewolf.

6. Clary killing the Jace-a-like demon:6-clary-stabs-jaceThey had us fooled for a moment there, and her face when she thought she might have killed the real Jace was just heartbreaking.

7. The kiss:7-clace-kissNo explanation necessary. It was a great, much-anticipated moment. Up until the whole sibling thing, at least.

8. Simon realising he’d become a vampire. For real:8-vampire-simonJust look at his face! Alberto Rosende was never as brilliant in the role of Simon as he was in these scenes.

9. The other kiss:9-malek-kissBeautiful build up, beautiful song, beautiful kiss. Just one, honest-to-goodness beautiful moment.

10. Alec stopping Clary from following Jace and Valentine:10-alec-stops-claryCall it fulfilling a promise to your parabatai if you will, but for characters that once hated each other, this showed they’d come a long way since episode one.

BONUS MOMENT: Clary and Jace meeting outside Pandemonium:11-jace-and-clary-meetThe whole of that opening sequence remains one of my favourites of the series, but it’s really all about the moment that set everything into motion – “Hey, would you watch where you’re going?”

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