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Who’s next for Doctor Who?

Who’s next for Doctor Who?

Yep, it’s that time again. It’s time to start speculating who could be the next Doctor. Since current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, announced he was leaving the show with the current series being his last, many have speculated who could take over the role.

It’s sad to see Capaldi go, as his Doctor fell victim to poor storylines and the actor never truly got a chance to show off what he could do with the character. It’s not only significant because it would be a new actor in the role, but it would also be the first incarnation of The Doctor with new showrunner Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) at the helm.

With depleting ratings and struggling storylines, a new Doctor and showrunner appears to be exactly what the show needs, but who will the next Doctor be?

Kris MarshallIf tabloids papers are to be believed, and nine times out of ten they probably shouldn’t, Marshall isn’t only a frontrunner for the role but he IS the next Doctor and has already filmed the post-regeneration scene.

Recently, papers such as The Sun have released the news that Marshall is to take over from Capaldi and it’s clear to see why they would choose him. He fits in with the mould of Matt Smith/David Tennant as a floppy haired eccentric and with dwindling figures it’s no surprise the beeb are looking to go back to a winning formula.

The actor recently left his role in the brilliant Death in Paradise so looks to have some time on his hands. Although if you have a quick look at Twitter, many are struggling to see how Nick from My Family could make a convincing Doctor.

Who else could be the next Doctor? 

Shaun EvansYou’re probably not going to recognise Shaun Evans’ name and you would probably struggle to place his face, but Evans is a well-established actor who’s been portraying a young Morse in the always excellent Endeavour.

He has the same floppyish hair that would attract the BBC to signing up Marshall but also has the same old looking boyish charm that Smith brought to the role. As well, he has the very Doctor-esque ability to shift between comedic and serious, something Marshall hasn’t really ever exhibited.

The beeb might be looking for someone a little more well known to take on the character and his role as the young Morse may keep him too busy to take on such a strict schedule but if it was me casting, I would pick Evans.

Paul McGannOkay wait, yes I know McGann has already portrayed The Doctor post-new Who, but one watch of the brilliant The Day of the Doctor prologue shows exactly why McGann should get another go. He managed to bring gravitas to the role while still being funny and he was the right amount of kooky. What more could you want from the Doctor?

Don’t ask me how it would work – could the Doctor regenerate into a past self? Could it be a prequel series? It wouldn’t be the easiest transition but maybe it’s time they changed the format up a bit.

McGann is also only two years younger than Capaldi, so if the BBC want to stick with an older Doctor, McGann would be a great choice once they get over the whole “he has already been The Doctor thing”.

Vicky McClureFor the last few years now it’s been constantly questioned why a woman hasn’t portrayed The Doctor yet. We know Time Lords can shift between sexes – The Master did it – but The Doctor has yet to be played by a woman. So could we see a change?

If the tabloids are to be believed then no, the BBC are allegedly too nervous to cast a woman in case of a ratings crash. Yet if they were to introduce a female Doctor, they should cast Vicky McClure.

McClure has been carving a strong career in television with roles in Broadchurch, This is England and most recently, Line of Duty. She is possibly the best actress currently working in British television and could be the shot in the arm the show so definitely needs.

While it could be a risk for the show, a female Doctor would completely open up new stories for the show and give Chibnall something different to play with.

Laurence FoxFox is probably best known for playing D.S. James Hathaway in ITV’s Lewis but since that wrapped up two years ago he hasn’t really been on our screens too much.

Taking on the role of the Doctor could be the move his career needs. Much like Evans, Fox has the ability to shift between comedic and serious, has the acting chops to make the role his own and aesthetically looks like he would fit the bill.

Also, at the age of 38, he would benefit from not being an old Doctor but also, he wouldn’t be as young as Tennant or Smith when they took on the role, allowing him to appease young and old fans alike.

Since leaving Lewis, Fox has concentrated more on his music career but it’s unlikely, if offered, he would turn down the role.

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  • I have a slight (only slight) feeling it might be the brilliant Paul McGann–the better Big Finish stories are the kind of long-form storytelling I’d expect Chibnail to want for his Who. They recently announced McGann was joining Holby City, when… that really, really isn’t McGann, unless he’s going through a mid-life crisis. His brother hated doing a soap so I can’t imagine he would take that risk. If he’s not Chibnail’s choice, I’m wondering if he’s in the Christmas special? Don’t forget Capaldi has said his Doctor’s regeneration goes wrong.

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