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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon Review

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon Review

Who Built the Moon is the third release from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and it sees the band take a different direction with their sound, shaking off any Oasis similarities.

Fort Knox’ kick-starts the album with its instrumental intro and echoing vocals reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers’ 90’s track ‘Setting Sun’, which Gallagher had guest vocals on. The track’s heavy bass and punchy sound eases listeners into the 11-track album.

Released in early October, ‘Holy Mountain‘ was the first single taken from the album and it’s also the most surprising – and probably the least likely – track on the album that you’d associate with Gallagher. It’s a catchy, upbeat and poppy sound with influences from Bowie and The Vaccines to – dare I even mention – a hint of Ricky Martin.

Keep on Reaching’ and ‘She Taught Me How to Fly’ feel more like classic Gallagher songs, writing about love, hope and opportunities, whereas ‘It’s a Beautiful World’ is a subtle yet mesmeric track that lingers in the memory long after it’s finished playing. The soft sounds of the guitar with Gallagher’s distinctive voice are a particular album highlight, showing off what the singer-songwriter does best.

Bringing a little 60’s inspired flavour, ‘Black and White Sunshine’ feels more in tune with The Beatles era, with catchy melodies and slick tones. There’s plenty of variety and experimenting with different sounds here and it works a treat.

Who Built the Moon marks some of Gallagher’s best produced songs since his early Oasis days. It’ll keep long-time fans happy, whilst appealing to a new generation of listeners at the same time.


Who Built the Moon is released on 24 November 2017 

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