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Chewing Gum Series 2 Review: The Ultimate Remedy For A Bad Day

Chewing Gum Series 2 Review: The Ultimate Remedy For A Bad Day

There’s nothing like some good old cringe comedy to make you feel better about life. Michaela Coel’s BAFTA-winning show Chewing Gum is the ultimate remedy for a bad day. In series 2, Tracey (played by Coel) delighted us with her talent for getting herself into ridiculous situations.

Following her breakup from Connor (Robert Lonsdale), Tracey tried to make him jealous by pretending she was in a relationship with Stormzy. Amazingly, Stormzy actually appeared outside the corner shop with flowers…but only because he thought she was dying of cancer.

Although it was quite sad that this series lacked Connor’s “unique” poetry and romantic liaisons in the communal bins, it was great to see Tracey broaden her horizons and search for love beyond the boundaries of her estate. Even Cynthia (Susan Wokoma) put her love of playing Ludo aside and explored her sexuality (if Sexual Liberation Planners aren’t available in shops soon, I’ll be very disappointed).

It’s difficult to pick a highlight because every episode was brilliant. Tracey’s horrific venture to a sex club, her witty analysis of a porn movie and her awkward romantic encounters were priceless. However, Coel is at her best when she directly speaks to the camera (“I sit before you with a fully working hymen”).

Tracey’s quest to lose her virginity became so much more in this series. Michaela Coel is willing to explore every kind of subject matter, and she somehow manages to make painfully embarrassing situations funny.


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