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Single Review: Korn – Rotting In Vain

Single Review: Korn – Rotting In Vain

This year has felt somewhat like a throwback to the metal sound of the early noughties and Korn’s new single, Rotting in Vain, is no exception.

The follow up to the band’s eleventh studio album, The Paradigm Shift, has been three years in the making, and straight away the track feels like a nostalgic trip down nu-metal memory lane. Gone are all the dubstep influences, making way for the classic Korn sound we all know and love, complete with Jonathan Davis’ trademark freestying.

Featuring Sons on Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan in the music video was a nice touch too; he seems to fit well with the ominous and unnerving tone of the video.

Although the band’s latest single is great, it’s still not as crushing as it could be. With a slightly forgettable chorus, this could’ve been a track produced ten years ago that didn’t quite make the grade for Untouchables.

Having said that, Rotting in Vain makes me long for the release of the impending album that we’re all expecting good things from.


The Serenity of Suffering is due for release in October via Roadrunner Records.

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