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Single Review: Andrea – Fighting For

Single Review: Andrea – Fighting For

Andrea’s debut single, ‘Fighting For‘ addresses the anxieties of young adult life and is sure to resonate with many listeners unsure of their future right now.

Andrea’s first solo release suggests an artistic maturity and confidence that is almost at odds with the theme of the track itself. ‘Fighting For’ focuses on the pressures of life as a young adult; Andrea structures the song around a failed relationship to explore this idea. Self-doubt, a lack of direction and the stress of future plans colour the lyricism of the song.

These insecurities however, do not push the song towards self pity. Andrea combines this introspective lyricism with an upbeat and at time anthemic pop backing. Her songwriting skills shine through with this combination. The song pushes towards each chorus featuring an upbeat multi-tracked ensemble of Andrea’s voice. This positive and energised feel in the music reflects a gradual change in the tone of the lyrics. The song ends on a positive note that stating that ‘one day I will be sure, I know what I’m fighting for’.

Andrea draws influences from both a childhood in Norway and a musical education in London. Traces of the Scandinavian pop scene are evident in ‘Fighting For’. Quality production and juxtaposed sadness and optimism are reminiscent of Norway’s Highasakite. Andrea’s sufficiently carves out her own distinct sound with a catchy pop chorus that you’re sure to find yourself humming for months.

To quote Andrea herself: “The melodic and rhythmic elements in a song have always been the defining elements for me. The art is to match a good lyric with an equally good melody and vice versa.”

Fighting For’ is an excellent example of balanced lyrics, melody and rhythm. It’s enjoyable and inspiring, whilst retaining a lyrical depth that is thought provoking and relevant to each listener in a unique way.

‘Fighting For’ is out now.

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