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Our Man In The Field: A modern-day take on a vintage soundtrack

Our Man In The Field: A modern-day take on a vintage soundtrack

Armed with his guitar and a notebook, Our Man In The Field reports back heartfelt dispatches from his travels, resulting in songs rife with spacious guitar melodies and innately hummable hooks. Otherwise known as Alexander Ellis, Our Man In The Field graces our summer playlists with the wistful musings of “snapshots from the lives he’s observed or the life he’s led.” Taking inspiration from the likes of Van Morrison, Neil Young and Wilco, Our Man In The Field offers a modern-day take on a vintage soundtrack. Yet, Our Man In The Field is no pastiche but an effortless evolution of a tradition before him.

His latest release, ‘Thin (I Used To Be Bulletproof)’ is a beautifully crafted journey through Alexander’s melancholic side. As the second single from his highly-anticipated debut album, Our Man In The Field offers yet another classically crafted, timeless track. Self professedly, this song is a letter to his past self and a humble commentary on how the passing years have changed him. Although he speaks of his own experience, this theme resonates on a universal scale as Alexander is just vague enough for us to intertwine ourselves in the complex roots of the song.

With Alexander’s introspective, intimate and earnest lyricism, Our Man In The Field provides an anthem for those melancholy moments we realise we aren’t quite who we used to be. Showcasing his wide vocal and emotional range, Alexander’s melodies blend seamlessly with band-mate Henry Senior’s hauntingly delicate pedal steel refrains. Coming off the back of his previous single ‘It Was Ever So’ – a tender tribute to those left bewildered after the closing of London’s oldest fire station – Our Man In The Field continues his musical journey as he expands on a canon of soulful country, tugging at our heartstrings along the way.

With his band arrangement of guitar, pedal steel, banjo, upright bass and drums, Our Man In The Field sculpts a rich soundscape that perfectly compliments his raw and effortlessly soulful vocals. The resulting sound is undefinable yet familiar, easy listening but interestingly layered. Recorded at ‘The Rattle’ Studios in London, ‘Thin (I Used To Be Bulletproof)’ is the next step in Alexander’s journey through music. As he continues his travels and reporting his snapshots back, we’re ready to receive his dispatches with open, eager ears.

OMITF’s new single ‘Thin (I Used To Be Bulletproof)’ was released 3 July 2020. It is available digitally on all major platforms. The artist is also offering a limited run of 100 handmade 7″ vinyl. These can be bought at Rough Trade, Badlands, Longwell Records or from this link.

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