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Lucy Rose – No Words Left Review

Lucy Rose – No Words Left Review

The first time I came across Lucy Rose was at a gig in 2011/12 in Plymouth where she supported Noah and the Whale. She was a fresh-faced beauty with a soft voice and a mega vocal range. In 2019, Rose looks the same but her music is deeper, evoking more emotion than ever before.

She describes the new album as following the hardest year of her life, saying “I always hope my music would be a comfort to someone, however this record may not be the easiest listen. But it’s in its discomfort I believe a different form of comfort can be found.

No Words Left starts with the magnificent ‘Conversation’. A plucked minor key guitar riff leads into a whispered “conversation don’t come easy, but I’ve got a lot to say”. This record recalls all the heartbreaks you may have previously had, and if you’ve ever been hurt, you can relate to this track. It’s so raw and full of emotion, using a plethora of instruments and techniques put together in such a way that listeners get a recap of the gut-wrenching pain that comes from breaking up with the love of your life

With ghostly piano, siren-esque ad-libs and lyrics telling tales of further heartbreak, this album touches the soul.

My personal highlights are ‘The Confines Of This World’, which is full of echoes, yet is so simple it’s almost magical, and ‘Song After Song’. The album brings to mind a darker version of Laura Marling’s Alas I Cannot Swim, except Lucy Rose has personified heartbreak.

If you don’t shed a tear whilst listening to this album then I worry for the future of humanity.


No Words Left is out now and Lucy Rose will be embarking on a UK tour in April.

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