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Finding Jesus – Winston Rowntree Review

Finding Jesus – Winston Rowntree Review

Released: October 2014

With festive cards and sparkling tinsel already lining shop shelves, it’s time to admit that Christmas is looming. In my opinion, there’s nothing nicer than giving books as presents, even better when they’re fun gift books like Winston Rowntree’s Finding Jesus, which takes ‘Where’s Wally’ to a whole new level.

‘You found Wally ~ hallelujah! Now it’s time to find Jesus…’ the back cover says, though you’ll need to have a clear eye and bags of faith to get further than the first page. Using the much loved ‘Where’s Wally’ as inspiration, Rowntree has created a book that’s tongue-in-cheek, beautifully designed, and fun for all the family.

Whether he’s trekking a ‘scenic trail’, attending an unconventional wedding, strolling the aisles of a supermarket, enjoying a movie at the cinema, or playing tourist in the Museum of Aviation, it’s never been more enjoyable trying to find Jesus. Rowntree’s cartoon illustrations are a joy to study, as you try to find the ellusive Son of God hiding within each scene.

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this book but know that God moves in mysterious ways, and he usually pops up in the most unexpected places. Literally.

Winston Rowntree is a cartoonist and columnist, whose satirical and humorous work can be found at

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