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All Tvvins – Just To Exist Review

All Tvvins – Just To Exist Review

Irish duo Conor Adams and Lar Kaye, otherwise known as All Tvvins, are pushing boundaries with their second album, Just to Exist. ‘Hell of A Party’ is the opening track and it’s a funky, enigmatic starter that pulls listeners in hook, line and sinker. With such an infectious start, you can’t help but want to listen to more.

Which is just as well, because the rest of the album is just as catchy. ‘Build A Bridge’ offers up a different sound to ‘Hell of A Party’. It’s a slower track with breathy vocals and electro-synth taking centre stage, before a faster pace kicks in.

Infinite Swim’ is another upbeat, effortlessly cool sound with influences of Foals, Friendly Fires and The 1975 coming to mind.

Fellow Irish musician Sorcha Richardson duets on fourth track ‘No One Is Any Fun’, her voice contrasting beautifully, provoking the emotion and sensitivity of the song – something All Tvvins do so well.

Better Than Here’ is quite an end to the album; its repetitive start and 80’s inspired sound is probably the most creative and experimental song on the record. Whilst it’s a slight marmite track, it’s a memorable closing song that ensures Just to Exist is an album listeners will want to revisit.


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