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10 romance books to add to your autumn reading list

10 romance books to add to your autumn reading list

The end of summer and arrival of autumn might signal a shift towards darker, cosier books but, as any romance reader knows, love stories transcend the changing seasons. Whether you enjoy sweet rom-coms, paranormal romance, historical love stories or spicy contemporary reads, there’s never a bad time to pick up a romance book. Here are ten of our recent favourites to add to your autumn romance reading list.

Verity and the Forbidden Suitor by J. J. McAvoy

The sequel to J. J. McAvoy’s diverting Regency romance Aphrodite and the Duke is another refreshingly diverse period drama full of love, scandal and the stifling rules of society. Turning the spotlight on Verity, the younger sister of the Duke of Everely – the first book’s dashing yet troubled love interest, this novel sees the young heiress entering into a forbidden romance with the estranged bastard son of a Marquess. Verity has never cared much for the opinions of the nobility, but with everyone else against the match, she must choose between her heart and what’s expected of her. If you enjoy the likes of Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte and Sanditon, you’ll love this latest instalment in The DuBells historical romance series. (Quercus)

What The Focaccia By Ginger Jones

Craving a foodie rom-com set against a sunny Mediterranean backdrop? Look no further than What The Focaccia, which transports readers to Italy as fashion designer Ramona leaves her old life behind and chases her wild dream of setting up a plus size fashion studio. The inhabitants of her new Tuscan village might be sceptical, but Ramona is determined to get her life back on track – and if she finds love along the way, that’s an added bonus. Ginger Jones’ latest book is a wonderfully fun and inclusive story with a slow burn romance, a cast of delightfully quirky characters and a summery setting. (Zaffre)

Hate At First Sight by Lizzie O’Hagan

Kate has worked hard to get where she is. She hates feeling out of control and her incessant need to over prepare has always served her well. But now her life is falling apart and the future of not only her job, but also her happiness, rests on her working with creative, happy-go-lucky Harry – a man she’s spent the last five years trying to forget. Lizzie O’Hagan’s third book is an entertaining enemies-to-lovers workplace rom-com filled with flirtatious chemistry and witty banter built on misunderstandings. But there’s a nice theme of self-confidence and believing in yourself threaded through the story, which keeps the book realistic and relatable too. (Headline Review)

Kiss The Girl by Zoraida Córdova

From the author of the epic Hollow Crown duology comes this rom-com reimagining of The Little Mermaid. It follows Ariel del Mar who, along with her sisters, is part of the wildly popular band Siren Seven. Ariel might seem like she has everything but she craves something else, something more. Against the wishes of her father, she joins the summer tour of an up-and-coming band fronted by the dreamy Eric Reyes. As the two grow closer, Ariel rediscovers her love for music. But caught between two worlds, can she finally find her voice? This latest book in the Meant to Be Series – which reimagines Disney Princesses in modern rom-coms – is a contemporary fairytale with a Daisy Jones rockstar edge. Just reading it will make your heart feel fuller. (Studio Press)

Mixed Signals by B. K. Borison

Can you really call yourself a lover of contemporary romance novels if you haven’t read a B. K. Borison book? The third instalment in the steamy small-town series centres around unlucky in love bakery owner Layla Dupree as she enters into a mutually beneficial proposition with the bashful, Hawaiian shirt-rocking Caleb Alvarez. Making a deal of one month of no-strings dating with the intention of restoring Layla’s faith in men and improving Caleb’s dating game, it feels like a win-win situation. But the two don’t anticipate the intense chemistry they share, something that sizzles hotter as they spend more time together. This is the most deliciously sexy and achingly sweet standalone sunshine x sunshine romance. Once you’ve read this, you’ll want to devour everything Borison has written  (good thing there’s another book coming in 2024!). (Pan)

Magnolia Parks by Jessa Hastings

If toxic yet addictive contemporary romances are your bookish jam, then you’ll find your next obsession in Jessa Hastings’ bestselling series. Billed as Gossip Girl meets Made in Chelsea, the first book in the Magnolia Parks universe revolves around the relationship between the mildly neurotic titular socialite and BJ Ballentine as their dysfunctional behaviour – she dates other people to get back at him, he sleeps with other girls to get back at her for it – catches up with them. Set in London, this is a book of love, secrets, drama, morally questionable choices, complicated history and rich but damaged characters. (Orion)

You, Again by Kate Goldbeck

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Free-spirited struggling comedian Ari likes to keep her love life casual, whilst born-and-bred Manhattanite Josh is intent on finding The One and living happily-ever-after. After a confrontational first meeting, the two cross paths again years later – a chance encounter that leads to a surprising friendship. But as they help each other through their respective tough times, the boundaries of their platonic relationship slowly begin to shift and blur. Kate Goldbeck’s enemies-to-friends-to-lovers rom-com inspired by When Harry Met Sally is the perfect read for autumn. It delivers all the nostalgic New York City romance vibes you could possibly want. (Penguin)

Something Wicked by Gretchen Rue

When Phoebe inherits and moves into her aunt’s old house in the small, sleepy town of Raven Creek, she doesn’t expect to discover that she’s related to a witch, or that those same witchy genes run in the family. Throw in a handsome old childhood friend, some unfriendly neighbours, a magic apothecary/tea shop and a murder on her doorstep, and Phoebe gets much more than she bargained for. Gretchen Rue’s Something Wicked is the rom-com to read if you want the magical spirit of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, the cosy mystery plot of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries and the homey, small-town atmosphere of Gilmore Girls. (Aria)

My Roommate Is A Vampire by Jenna Levine

Arriving just in time for spooky season, Jenna Levine’s My Roommate Is A Vampire follows Cassie Greenberg as she moves into a flat share in a beautiful apartment with a mysterious man who sleeps all day, is out at night on business and talks like he walked out of a Regency novel. Frederick J. Fitzwilliam is the dream roommate but he’s also a vampire, which rather complicates things slightly. This slow-burn romance with a fun paranormal twist is sweet and steamy in equal measure. It’s a funny, light-hearted read that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is ideal for those who like vampire stories minus the horror. (Penguin)

The Witch Is Back by Sophie H. Morgan

Having turned her back on magic and opened her own cocktail bar, Emma has left her life as a witch in the past in favour of a mundane human existence. But when her ex, Bastian, appears out of the blue and announces that he wants her back, the two are forced to fulfil their marriage contract or face the consequences of a dark curse. Thrust back into each other’s orbit, Emma and Bastian must learn to heal their broken hearts, whilst navigating secrets, complicated families and a magical high society. If the forced proximity and marriage of convenience tropes are up there with your favourites, you’ll find plenty to enjoy with this cute second-chance witchy romance. (Mills & Boon)

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