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Brian Biro’s book, There Are No Overachievers: Seizing Your Windows of Opportunity to Do More than You Thought Possible, breaks down perhaps one of life’s foremost assumptions: that some are destined to do well while others are sure to languish behind, never quite fulfilling their potential. By embracing the “woos” (windows of opportunity) we all face every day, Biro argues that we can make a substantial difference to, and even change the course of, our lives.

There Are No Overachievers doesn’t break new ground and yet Biro manages to write an engaging book that keeps you turning the pages. The book is broken down into chapters, each detailing ways in which to embrace the “woo”. For example, in the chapter called ‘Take the High Road’, Biro says that you should shun jealousy and haughtiness and instead take a benevolent approach in order to foster harmonious and productive relationships. Using anecdotal evidence, Biro demonstrates the positive impact embracing the “woo” can have.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen perhaps a little more statistical evidence, as opposed to anecdotes. Although arguably the book wouldn’t be such an easy read if it were just facts and figures. That is perhaps the book’s major appeal; there may be better, more eloquent, more showy books, books with more international-bestseller appeal, but I don’t imagine many will be written with the warmth with which Biro writes.

Primarily, this is a book for professionals – managers, leaders and head honchoes of companies and organisations – in his day job Biro is, after all, a corporate coach and speaker. But with a good mix of anecdotes from his work and his own and friends’ personal lives, the book would appeal to anyone interested in self-improvement generally.


There Are No Overachievers: Seizing Your Windows of Opportunity to Do More than You Thought Possible was published by Bantam Press on 6 April 2017

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