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Theatre Review: Want the Moon Theatre Presents Other People’s Teeth

Theatre Review: Want the Moon Theatre Presents Other People’s Teeth

A rapid fire tale of contract killing, awkward budding romance and an obsession with incisors. Want The Moon Theatre present Other People’s Teeth, a lively and minimalist modern day tale of love and violence.

It’s the story of Joss, a hit woman with a boyfriend called Simon and a business partner called Sol. These professional and personal relationships develop as we move back and forth in time, with sharp duologues and short phone messages filling in the details as things heat up and cool down between the three characters.

There is plenty of crisp dialogue as they all fly off on tangents, telling odd anecdotes and posing hypothetical questions and answers on mundane and serious subjects. When the guns come out there is an increased sense of tension on stage, the threat of violence is well sustained. It’s a very bare set, just a few chairs and the lighting is simple, the focus on a script which jumps around, covering maths and movies as well as love and death.

Becky Downing brings focus and some sass to the central figure of Joss. She holds all of the power and proves herself adept with both words and violence. Adam Walker-Kavanagh as Sol has views on teeth that twist between creepy and amusing as well as a slow burning murderous anger which serves the action well. Writer Dan Sareen plays Simon, a meek geek learning to stand up for himself with a wry line in Pluralism, whilst Ellen Harris offers excellent range and rage as victims of the killers.

It’s a sharp piece with three quite different characters trying to get along in unusually difficult circumstances.


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