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Is it just me or do other people have a hard time warming to Arnold Schwarzenegger? With this being directed by David ‘End of Watch’ Ayer and a cast any director would boast about, Sabotage should be a highly anticipated film. HOWEVER, my issue with it instantaneously is the inclusion of an action hero that used to change the dynamic of a film simply by the mention of his name. I suppose we could say he still does that today but for me it’s a negative as opposed to a positive.

Arnold Schwarzenegger deployed the performance of a lifetime in The Terminator and The Terminator 2 but ever since I can’t help but cut ties with his films, especially after the Guv’nor position. This trailer, which looks ok at best, highlights many aspects of what’s not to like about this former bodybuilder’s recent acting career. He’s just far too Arnie. Sam Worthington is unrecognisable, Mireille Enos is hard to spot, even Terrence Howard looks to be having fun, but with Arnie we appear to have been given the same character as The Last Stand and Escape Plan. His delivery of lines sound to Arnie-ish, meaning I fail to buy into his character and he certainly doesn’t appear to be the guy who’s the heart and soul of his team. I hate to say this, or even think it, about a man who I respected so fully in his earlier career but nowadays I feel there’s a certain discredit towards his films. Gone is the Arnie of old that’s for sure.

The trailer doesn’t ooze originality or anything out of the ordinary that would have an audience captivated in amazement. On first showing the film looks slightly one dimensional – a little like The Last Stand or Escape Plan in fact. Perhaps it’s a personal thing but this trailer lacks the cutting edge you’d expect from this genre of film. Maybe another trailer may do the film justice but for now I can’t say I’m captivated or even intrigued by the look of Sabotage. Please Arnie, prove me wrong.

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