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You Can Do Better – Johnny Foreigner Review

You Can Do Better – Johnny Foreigner Review

johnny-foreigner-you-can-do-betterReleased: 2014

If Billy Talent, Blink 182 and Bullet For My Valentine had an orgy involving amped up guitars and a whole lot of teen-channelled angst to get off their chest, what you would have is the latest Johnny Foreigner record, albeit perhaps not quite as messy as the above analogy would have you believe.

You Can Do Better is perhaps a self-prophesising album title when the content of the ten tracks amounts to less than any of the aforementioned bands, except that they’re doing it better.

You could perhaps forgive them when they are operating in a branch of indie rock that is so over populated, even coming up with something anywhere near an original band name has to be considered an achievement.

Fans of the genre may well find something to enjoy, but the reality is there is nothing gripping about the record that will keep it at the top of your playlist. Granted there is a serenity embedded within the likes of Riff Glitchard that ambles along nicely, but within seconds the post-punk durm and strang of The Last Queens of Scotland decimate any kind of original creativity that may have surfaced.

You Can Do Better is exactly what it says on the tin, and actually probably unintentionally a fitting reflection of the state of whining, power-chord based indie today. There is perhaps nothing inherently bad about this record, but it has all been done before, and better, by a lot more creative individuals. Mediocre at best.


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