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Will Downton Abbey Ever Be The Same? Season 4 Predictions

Will Downton Abbey Ever Be The Same? Season 4 Predictions

dowtown-abbey-s4If you’re not up to date with Downton Abbey you may want to avert your eyes, the following predictions are spoilerific.

The tragic final moments of Downton Abbey season 3 left the future of the show in jeopardy, not only for the characters but for the ongoing success of the series too. Whilst we’re still mending our broken hearts after witnessing the untimely exit of the show’s anchor, Matthew, it’s time to look beyond those fateful scenes and predict where the series will go next.

Newly widowed Mary will struggle to come to terms with her loss and new role as mother. It would be nice to see her become a bigger part of running the Downton estate but we’ll settle for her naming the newborn after her dearly departed hubby. He is the new heir after all.

Once chauffeur Tom, who’s still licking the wounds inflicted by Sybil’s death, will take on the mantle of restoring Downton to its former glory. Tom has a much bigger part to play with his ally Matthew gone and he’ll rise to the occasion.

Robert will act as Tom’s equal in the modernizing of Downton, whilst new grandmothers Cora and Isobel bicker in the background over who’s the better baby burper.

Not content with being left at the altar by the first chap she tried to ensnare, the unlucky in life, love and pretty-much-everything Edith will be the next Crawley girl to become entangled in a scandal. Michael Gregson could be the man that Edith manages to hold on to… if only he wasn’t already married. To a clinically insane woman. Who he can’t divorce. Oh Edith.

It’s confirmed that O’Brien won’t be returning for season 4, having clawed her way into the Marchioness of Flintshire’s life. She’s probably sweating it out in India for the duration, though it wouldn’t be surprising if she pulls a Thomas and comes scurrying back with her tail between her legs at some point.

As for sly fox Thomas, he’ll still be ogling Jimmy from behind, who’s evidentially as straight as the grass is green, whilst thinking up his next ploy to rise in the Downton ranks.

Taken under the wing of William’s father, Daisy will leave Downton and take over the farm, supplying wholesome produce to the estate. If there’s any justice in the world, Alfred will realize the error of his Ivy-loving ways and join Daisy on the farm to live out their days with country-bumpkin babies.

Talking of babies, now that Bates and Anna have a home to call their own, everyone’s holding out for a little baby Bates. If anyone needs a good luck charm it’s them.

Finally, the Dowager Countess will continue to be a constant source of amusement with her witty upper crust one-liners, as cousin Rose continues to annoy with her rosy cheeks and bouncy curls. She may have been upgraded to a series regular but with any luck they’ll kill her off next.

Oh and they’re introducing the first recurring black character in the form of Jack Ross, a jazz musician. That’ll please flapper girl Rose.

Hurry up Downton season 4, the anticipation is too much!

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