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Why You Should Be Watching: The Bridge Season 3

Why You Should Be Watching: The Bridge Season 3

The Danish/Swedish series The Bridge may have just finished its third season on BBC Four this week, but that’s no reason not to get caught up with the DVD boxset. The hit series, set around the Øresund Bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark, finds two police officers forced to work together when a string of murders cross national borders. Hailed as the spiritual successor to The Killing, here’s just a few other reasons why you should be watching:

It’s Scandinoir at its finest – television is chockablock with moody detective dramas and even the latest British offerings have taken a decidedly Danish approach to murder with the likes of River and Unforgotten. If you enjoy a slow burn mystery, a good existential crisis and chunky knitwear galore, then no one does it better than the Scandinavians.the-bridge-season-3-still-04You can’t beat Saga. You’ll be hard pressed to find another female character like Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) on television. Located somewhere on the spectrum, she’s honest to a fault and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. A character like that could be tediously cliched, but there’s something about Helin’s performance that makes her utterly watchable. Though she may often put her foot in her mouth, you’ll never stop rooting for her.

There’s also Saga’s burgeoning relationship with Henrik (Thure Lindhardt). Originally brought in to replace Martin Rohde after the actor’s abrupt decision to leave the series, Henrik had his work cut out for him to be a worthy successor, but sparks soon begin to fly. The relationship changes the dynamic of the whole show and allows us to see a new side to Saga. Let’s hope he sticks around for series four.

THE_BRIDGE_SEASON_3Saga and Henrik may well be easy on the eyes, but The Bridge is a good looking show in its own right, with some beautiful visuals. Sure, it may not be doing the tourist boards of Copenhagen or Malmö any favours but, filled with neon lights, grey skies and bleak landscapes, it’s a series you just want to look at. And that’s not even mentioning the stunning opening titles.

You can also brush up on your Swedish and Danish. Thanks to all these television imports, you can get in a bit of language practice whilst binge watching. I’ve personally managed to pick up some basics such as ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’, plus the ever useful ‘put the gun down’. Boxsets are the new phrasebooks.

The Bridge The Complete Season 3 was released on DVD & Blu-ray through Arrow Films on 21 December 2015

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