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Who’s Next For Bond?

Who’s Next For Bond?

Okay, so you probably think you have a pretty good idea who is going to be the next Bond. Idris Elba? Tom Hiddleston? Well, don’t go to the bookies too soon because despite recent news stories about Hiddleston in talks with producers to take on the role now Daniel Craig has left, Skyfall and Spectre director, Sam Mendes, has stated that the next Bond will not be someone we expect. So, who could be the next 007?

1. Luke EvansThe Great Train RobberyEveryone’s favourite bard sadly seems to have been left out of the 00-discussion, for some bizarre reason. Evans feels like he is on the cusp of becoming massive but has lacked the right franchise, Bond could be it. Okay, his filmography isn’t great, remember Dracula Untold anyone? But he has shown potential, talent and with Fast and Furious 6 on his CV he has proved he can do action. He has the right look and more than enough acting chops to take on the role. Christ, GQ readers voted for him to be the next Bond, it seems like a no-brainer.

2. Aidan Turneraidan-turner-poldarkNo doubt one mention of this will have his legion of female Poldark fans blushing but if recent news reports are anything to go by Turner could be a real contender for the part. After all he has the looks and talent, he is more well known than Craig was when he landed the role but not too well known that he brings any baggage. At the age of 32, he has enough time to get a good few under his belt before he has to call it a day.

3. Michael Fassbendermichael-fassbender-x-menYou would be hard pressed to find a list online that doesn’t feature Michael Fassbender but there’s good reason. The Macbeth actor is without a doubt one of his generation’s finest actors. Just watch his bar scene in X-Men: First Class to see he has everything to take on the role and make it his own, while also paying homage to past efforts. Although, it is questionable whether he would sign up to another franchise after finishing up with X-Men and kickstarting the possible Assassin’s Creed franchise, but could the role be too much for him to turn down?

4. Tom Hughestom-hughes-the-gameNow, this one is a long shot but stick with me. When you look at early depictions of the character by Ian Fleming, he draws Bond as almost a Basil Rathbone-esque Sherlock Holmes, with swept back hair and cheekbones that would make Cillian Murphy jealous. Step forward Tom Hughes. He has a cold, ruthless stare, model good looks and even has previous spying experience in the form of BBC’s brilliant The Game. At the age of 30, Hughes would be a much younger Bond then we have seen before but it’d be a refreshing take on a rather worn out character, after all no one would be expecting him.

5. Emily Bluntemily-blunt-edge-of-tomorrowIt seems like every actor aged 25-50 has been rumoured to take on the Bond mantel but could producer, Barbara Broccolli, be looking for a female Bond? While Gillian Anderson caused a stir on Twitter last week, the obvious candidate has to be Emily Blunt. Not only can she kick arse, just ask Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, but she is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. In the past Blunt has turned down big franchise films but could she turn down the opportunity of playing the first female Bond? While Twitter would go into meltdown if this actually happened, it would be a bold and interesting move that could pay off.

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