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Who’s Lovin Me Now? – Kerri Watt Review

Who’s Lovin Me Now? – Kerri Watt Review

kerri-watt-whos-lovin-me-nowReleased: September 2014

With the resurgence in popularity that country music has seen in the last year – thanks to the likes of Carrie Underwood and The Civil Wars breaking through, and the presence of legends such as Dolly Parton at Glastonbury, now Kerri Watt has got in on the act.

Watt is in fact Scottish, but the country tinged pop of Who’s Lovin Me Now? begs you to consider her in the mould of a Nashville singer/songwriter.

There are only three tracks on the EP, with the opening title song sporting the kind of sing-along potential Rascal Flatts or Underwood have built careers on.

It segues nicely into Pirate Man celebrating Little Big Town-esque vocal harmonies and guitar build up which suggests her songwriting ability is more than accomplished for a young upstart. When the drums come in, it’s full on country rock from the gut, and the tortured kind of guitar solo ups the ante nicely.

It’s left then to So Crazy to round off proceedings. This reflective piano ditty is perhaps the biggest departure from the country sound, and while it might be a bid for radio airplay, the truth is it doesn’t hold up quite so well as the two songs preceding it. A nice enough closer though.

As a statement of intent, this EP is very, very good. Playing exactly the kind of music that is individual but distinctive, commercial but not watered-down, Kerri Watt has come along at just the right time.


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