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Whirlwind – Lucy May Review

Whirlwind – Lucy May Review

Released: May 2015

Arguably one of the best country music exports from the UK in recent years, Lucy May has been getting lots of attention already this year for previous single Whirlwind, which picked up support from the BBC and was pushed by some of the top tastemakers in the industry.

Next month, on May 17th, the full album of the same name becomes available, alongside a brand new single in the form of love song We Got It.

Recorded between the UK and Nashville, Tennessee, the album and single further prove the point that Lucy May can stand toe to toe with any artist in the country pop genre at the moment. She should take heart from the huge success of Taylor Swift, who has proven that there’s an appetite for this style out there at the moment.

This is country pop with high production values and the ability to stick in your head long after you’ve finished listening. It’s the right side of infectious, not cheesy, but just full of hooks and melodies that stay with you – an ideal trait for a songwriter who is looking to make a name in pop music.

It’s always tough for an artist who chooses to work independently, but particularly in a genre which is so dominated by those with the big marketing budget. With any luck, Lucy May will continue to find her niche alongside them.

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