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Whatever Next – The McCarrons Review

Whatever Next – The McCarrons Review

The McCarrons albumThe debut album from The McCarrons is something of a curio. A three piece indie band who admit to being influenced by Brit pop and other rock/indie bands from the UK, it’s a really good debut album in terms of songs while being a bit ambiguous in terms of this band’s identity.

With some songs sounding like early Beatles tracks (not bad company to be in), while others have the swagger of, say Razorlight from more contemporary times, it means that the individual songs are strong but the through line of the album does shift a bit. Tonally, this is all over the place – perhaps something to look at for future reference – but still there are good tracks here.

Cupid’s on his Way is a prime example, mixing buzzed vocals and crunch guitars with more clean sounds later on, giving it an element of light and shade. Later, Alive makes good use of Travis-like swaying acoustic guitar, with thoughtful lyrics and a raw vocal. Little moments like these punctuate the album, making it worth a listen. Next time though, The McCarrons may need to bring something more cohesive together.

You can buy ‘Whatever Next?’ on iTunes.

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