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Wentworth Prison Season 4 Review: An Exciting And Emotional Rollercoaster

Wentworth Prison Season 4 Review: An Exciting And Emotional Rollercoaster

The latest season of Australian drama series Wentworth Prison (known simply as Wentworth outside the UK) was darker and more violent than it’s ever been before. When season 3 concluded, we saw Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) finally getting her comeuppance, Franky (Nicole da Silva) was released and Bea (Danielle Cormack) made a new enemy.

Thankfully, Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) still played a huge part in the new season as she cleverly orchestrated her return to Wentworth, but this time as a prisoner awaiting trial for her crimes. Of course, she still managed to manipulate the inmates; she was even more cunning, calculating and resourceful because her freedom was at stake.

Ferguson did what she does best, which is playing the long game to get what she wants. She took steps to remove Bea from the top dog position, manipulating the prisoners and Bea’s closest friends to have her overthrown. Ferguson is a brilliant villain and her evil acts never fail to surprise me. I can’t wait to see how her story will continue next year.wentworth-prison-season-4-still-02Bea’s storyline was just as dramatic and unpredictable as Ferguson’s was. Her vicious and vindictive rival Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) went to extreme lengths to get revenge on Bea and knock her off the top spot. She turned the other inmates against Bea and even caused a full on revolt against her. Danielle Cormack was especially superb in this series; Bea’s character faced so many new problems and we saw sides of her that we’ve never seen before.

Despite the outstanding performances from the cast, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed by some of the background storylines. Maxine’s (Socratis Otto) battle with cancer felt too rushed, which spoiled the emotional impact. Maxine has hardly had any storylines so far, making her cancer diagnosis feel too forced. Franky barely featured in the season at all, and her sporadic appearances didn’t add much to the overall plot anyway. The biggest let-down was learning that Danielle Cormack isn’t actually returning to the show, and I can’t see how they will continue the story without its central character.

Overall, season 4 of Wentworth Prison was an emotional rollercoaster; it was compelling, exciting, horrifying and heart-breaking. The writers really know how to create clever storylines and shock viewers. Even though we’ve lost the heroine of the show, I’m sure the writers have plenty more tricks up their sleeves to make up for it.


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