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World-War-Z-Brad Pitt runs about a bit in this week’s big movie WORLD WAR Z – the tale of a world gone to poo after a zombie outbreak. Hordes of zombies run after everyone including Brad and his family (his movie family obviously, not Ange and the twenty-odd kids they’ve collected in real life). Thankfully Brad is a UN blokey and he’s going to try and stop the pandemic getting worse. GO ON BRAD!

Marlon Wayans still hasn’t got my venomous emails clearly… So until he does he will continue to make unfunny spoofs based around horror films. A HAUNTED HOUSE is his next abomination, which is a ‘hilarious’ take on the Paranormal Activity movies. Oh. My. Sides. Please. Marlon. STOP.

Yet more zombies on Blu-ray this week as the ‘rom-zom-com’ (credit to Shaun Of The Dead there) WARM BODIES shuffles in to your home. If you like your zombie films light, you’ll love this. Also on Blu-ray is the highly entertaining HITCHCOCK. Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock and Helen Mirren plays his long-suffering wife in this biopic about the making of Psycho. Good fun.

I’m off now to endure my weekend. Have fun, you lucky people.

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