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Captain-Phillips-PosterThis weekend Tom Hanks stars in CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, the true story of a US ship which is taken over by pirates. Tense thriller directed by Paul Greengrass, the same guy who directed The Bourne Identity and United 93.

Also out at the cinema is TURBO, an animated film about a snail who after a freak accident finds he can move really fast. He becomes a racing star. As you do. Ryan Reynolds is the voice of said snail.

Oh, and Arnie and Sly Stallone team up in ESCAPE PLAN, where they are two prisoners who plan an escape… Hence the title…

And finally, on Blu-ray we have the abysmal AFTER EARTH starring Will Smith and son… And the much better BEHIND THE CANDELABRA starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. The story of Liberace is a much more entertaining prospect than the Smith family flitting about with CGI animals…

Have a good un!

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