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It seems like yesterday Jason Bourne burst onto screens, surpassing a tired Bond in the eyes of many. The latter has undergone something of a revamp himself while the action hero genre appears to have moved on in age, thanks to the likes of Liam Neeson. Bourne is just one of a series of revisits this week with the sequel to a Pixar favourite, the return of a Kubrick classic, and on DVD an animated hit from earlier in the year.

It’s been nine years since Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass last stepped into the world of Jason Bourne. In-between Jeremy Renner appeared in a decent attempt to keep the franchise going, but it was nothing compared to the originals. Now they’re back as Bourne resurfaces to hunt down more secrets from the past while everyone else scrambles desperately to stop him. Reviews so far have not exactly been over-the-top with praise, but the action is supposed to be as spectacular as ever. Whether he beats anyone with a magazine is not yet clear though.

On its release in the US, Finding Dory broke the record for the largest opening weekend for an animated film. It’s also Pixar’s biggest hit in China to date, so it’s fair to say the sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo has done ok. The film picks up a year after its predecessor, sending Dory on an adventure to find her family. It might lack originality, but reviews have been good so far, suggesting Pixar has once again hit the jackpot.

The re-release of Barry Lyndon is something well-worth getting excited about. Stanley Kubrick’s 1975 period drama follows feckless 18th Century chancer Redmond Barry as he makes his way from a provincial life to the top of society and back down again. It unfolds slowly over three hours, every shot a carefully composed work of art. The attention to detail is superb, Kubrick repurposing cameras pioneered by NASA to enable him to shoot by candlelight in several scenes. It’s the whole package that makes this a magical film though. To pass up the chance to see it on the big screen would be a tragedy.

Before Pixar came to smash a few more animation records, Disney got Zootropolis out there, an optimistic and often hilarious CGI animation set in a world where predators and prey live just about happily together. Out now on DVD, there’s tension invading this paradise when a series of animals go missing. It’s up to a rabbit recently recruited to the police force, and a con artist fox to save the day. The message occasionally overpowers the film, but let’s not quibble when it’s this much fun.

That’s all we have time for now. See you next week as the villains get their chance to seize the spotlight.

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