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the_hangover_part_3This week we have the return of the ‘wolf pack’ in THE HANGOVER PART III… I loved the original, thought the second was a bit rubbish and I have not heard good things about this one either. But if you’re a fan of films not originally being planned as a trilogy being wrapped up conveniently then, go. Knock yourself out.

Computer animated films are ten a penny nowadays so… Here’s another one! EPIC 3D is from the creators of the overrated ICE AGE series and it tells the tale of a teenage girl who is transported to a magical place where she must battle evil with a group of cute characters. Beyonce Knowles is in it for some reason…

So, thank the cowboy gods that Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant DJANGO UNCHAINED is out this week on Blu Ray… It’s ultra violent with great dialogue (obviously) and fantastic performances from Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio.

I know what I’m watching this weekend then… What about you?

It’s DJANGO UNCHAINED obviously… Bye for now!

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