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The-Big-WeddingThe big film this week is the ‘comedy’ THE BIG WEDDING which has a huge cast but, if critical reception is to be believed, has spent no money on the script. Can be summed up by the vox pop review from a woman on the radio advert: “dat bit when Dee Neeero fell in the water… So funnay!”. Painful.

Also out is THE PURGE, a very intriguing plotline where in a near future America, all crime is legal for a 12 hour period. It follows a family held hostage during this ‘event’. Might be worth a look..

And on DVD it’s action all the way in the very silly THE LAST STAND. This sees the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to movies. Johnny Knoxville is in it and things blow up and stuff.

That’s it for this week… I’m off to push old people into hedges for a bit. Bye bye.

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