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May is almost upon us, and thoughts can finally start turning to summer. That usually means massive studio blockbusters, most of them implausibly dumb, not that we haven’t had a few of those already. This week things are looking up though, with one of the most anticipated releases of the year and further down the bill, one of the very best.

They’ve destroyed just about everything else, so it was probably only a matter of time before assorted Avengers turned on each other. In Captain America: Civil War the rest of the world finally takes issue with wholesale chaos and demands the registration of all superheroes. Soon a split occurs with Iron Man supporting the Government line, and Captain America leading the rebels. Expect it to be explosive, and, if the reviews are anything to go by, actually pretty good.

Marvel can blow up as much as it wants without getting close to the impact of Son of Saul. To be fair, the two films play on very different fields. László Nemes astonishing debut stays close to a Hungarian camp inmate and Sonderkommando as he searches through Auschwitz for the body of a boy who may be his son. With the camera stuck permanently to the main character’s face it’s brutally powerful, and quite possibly the best film you’ll see this year. If you watch it, and you really should, you won’t forget it.

After building up to the success of Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, it’s been a tale of diminishing returns for director Jean-Marc Vallée. Wild in 2014 was decent but nothing special, and now comes the distinctly average Demolition. Jake Gyllenhaal plays an investment banker devastated by the loss of his wife. A series of bizarre letters to a vending machine company then bring him into contact with Naomi Watts who might just offer a way out. The film is nothing special, but Gyllenhaal and Watts are usually worth watching.

It’s been a pretty serious time at the cinema this week so you should probably kick back with Sisters on DVD. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler play two very different siblings reuniting for a final party in their old family home before it’s sold. Needless to say, past grievances come out, and chaos follows. Underneath everything, it’s even quite sweet, but most of all funny.

That’s all folks. I’m handing over the reins for a couple of weeks. I’ll see you again soon but they’ll still be plenty going on next week so check back then.

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