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We’ve made it through a couple of weeks of shadow boxing and now the big films come out to play again, starting with another Marvel entry. It’s a pretty good week in general though, at least in the cinema, with beautiful family drama and anniversary re-releases alongside superheroes.

It’s been all of a few months since we last had a Marvel film gracing (or clogging up depending on your view) cinema screens. Doctor Strange is a step away from the formula, not so much in the basic superhero action, but Benedict Cumberbatch wandering off through alternate realities certainly changes things up. He’s a neurosurgeon who inadvertently stumbles across more than he bargained for when trying to recover from a terrible accident. Reviews are yet again strong, suggesting the MCU still has plenty of miles left in the tank.

Everyone loves The Snowman, that’s just a fact of life. If it’s the only Raymond Briggs tale you’ve seen animated, Ethel & Ernest offers the opportunity to double your money. Adapted from Briggs’ deeply personal graphic novel, it tells the story of his parents from first meeting to death as they live through a series of major events in London. Jim Broadbent and Brenda Blethyn provide the voices in this wonderfully heartfelt animation.

A quarter of a century has passed since Boyz n the Hood first launched into the world. It picked up Oscar nominations at the time and has remained long in the memory hence this anniversary re-release. Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Ice Cube play two teens growing up in LA, navigating their way through a difficult life. If you haven’t seen it before, now’s the chance, and if you have, you should catch it on a cinema screen anyway.

We’ve been in critically acclaimed territory for the new releases. That switches as Gods of Egypt comes out to own. There’s a lot of not entirely successful CGI and the likes of Gerard Butler wandering around as Egyptian deities in this giant fantasy showdown. It received a kicking for being bad, and a kicking for casting mostly white actors. Sometimes though, you have to see these bad films just to believe them. Plus they make everything else look even better.

That’s a wrap for another week. Next time we have the long-awaited return of Tom Ford. And it is worth that wait.

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