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In a long career, David Cronenberg has moved through body horror to a surprising degree of mainstream respectability. As September heads towards October heralding the start of autumn proper, he’s back to headline the new releases this week.

So what does David Cronenberg bring us this time? The answer, delightfully, is Hollywood satire. And it stars Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson. Following the lives of a movie industry dynasty, Maps to the Stars mixes Cronenberg traits with the dark satire that’s given us classics like The Bad and the Beautiful and The Player over the years. Nothing suits the movie industry like airing its dirty laundry in public.

Denzel Washington is hardly the most versatile of actors. In The Equalizer, he plays pretty much the same guy he’s been in most of his recent films. This time out, he’s the righter of wrongs who uses his special forces training to exact vigilante justice on a variety of corrupt individuals. Plenty of violence mixed with Washington’s sardonic charms should be enough to draw in an audience.

It was only three years ago that Another Earth took the indie sci-fi world by storm when the appearance of a second Earth sent our one into turmoil. I Origins reunites director Mike Cahill and lead actress Brit Marling in another tale of highly imaginative society changing discoveries. Not all sci-fi has to involve metallic aliens and lightsabers.

Sometimes moving downmarket doesn’t have to be all that bad. Nicholas Cage, the arch king of pulp trash, appears in Tokarev, out on DVD this week. Cage gets to pull crazy faces while rounding up his old criminal gang after his daughter is kidnapped. The film has been utterly panned everywhere, but it might just be so bad it’s good.

That’s all for now but next week David Fincher returns with his much anticipated adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel, Gone Girl. The race for the Oscars starts here.

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