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It’s February already. When did that happen? In no time this cold weather will disappear heralding spring. But for now it’s still a little chilly outside so settle in for civil rights drama, sheep, aliens and a girl who appears to have gone.

The premier release this week comes in the form of the controversially Oscar ignored Selma. Put aside the bickering for a moment and sit back and watch Ana DuVernay’s drama tackle an emotive and highly relevant topic with care and flair in equal measure. David Oyelowo heads a strong cast as Martin Luther King Jr, putting in the kind of performance that places an actor on the map. And he’s only one part of an impressive package. So sit back and judge for yourself whether it counts as a snub.

What a couple of months it’s been for British animation. First Paddington and now Shaun the Sheep Movie, the latest offering from the ever impressive Aardman Animations. Stepping out from a successful TV show, Shaun leads his flock into town to search for a friend. Expect delightfully juvenile antics and a few jokes thrown in for the adults. Though let’s be honest, you’re all laughing along with the kids as well.

Ah Jupiter Ascending, you emerge with something of a dark cloud following you. The latest from the Wachowskis, it was due out last summer but saw the deadline pushed back repeatedly, and then premiered unsuccessfully at Sundance last week. Still, the trailers suggest an epic space opera, and with Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne all on board, maybe it will turn out ok in the end.

For all of you keen to stay in this week, David Fincher’s mystery thriller Gone Girl, adapted by Gillian Flynn from her own novel is out on DVD now. Proving a big hit at the box office, though not so much on the awards circuit (Rosamund Pike still found her way into the Best Actress category), Fincher’s tale of a disappeared wife and a husband facing the full suspicion of the media offers the perfect dose of entertainment for a night in.

That’s all I have for you this week. I’ll be back in a fortnight but you will be left in capable hands for Valentine’s Weekend and a certain amount of grey.

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