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Where Star Wars goes, everyone else fears to tread. Such is the box office pull of the franchise, big films are not willing to go up against Disney’s behemoth, hence a relatively quiet week as we move towards Christmas. Well, except for the return to a galaxy far, far away and a couple of intriguing documentaries that is.

When Disney blew a cool $4.06 billion purchasing Lucasfilm, a slew of Star Wars content was always likely to follow. After kick-starting the main story last year, we venture out into the wider world with Rogue One. It’s actually a step into the past to watch the Rebellion attempting to steal Death Star plans back before Luke, Han and Leia ever got going. Directed by Gareth Edwards and with a good cast including Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Mads Mikkelsen and Riz Ahmed, it comes with pedigree. Decent reviews seem to agree.

Nothing can out-blockbuster a Star Wars feature so no other releases are going to try. Instead, documentary seems to be the way to go, first with The Eagle Huntress. Following a 13-year-old girl in Mongolia, Otto Bell’s film tracks her efforts to become the first female in her family to become an eagle hunter. Sitting nicely between our two other cinematic releases this week, it’s narrated and executive-produced by Daisy Ridley of The Force Awakens fame, and executive-produced by Morgan Spurlock.

Super Size Me shot Spurlock to fame back in 2004 when his attack on an unhealthy fast food culture netted him an Oscar nomination. He’s since been involved in numerous films, the latest of which is Rats, a look at rat infestations in major cities across the world. It comes with Spurlock’s trademark humour and irreverence coupled with his brand of energetic activism. Probably best not to watch on a full stomach though.

Over on DVD we change pace for a stupid but rather amusing comedy. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates wins no prizes for imaginative titles though it is at least accurate. The titular duo, played by Zac Efron and Adam DeVine, have a tendency to destroy all family events with their raucous behaviour. Ordered to shape up and come with respectable dates to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii, they arrive with Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza who have conned their way in. General chaos and a touch of sweetness ensues.

On that note I’ll say goodbye. Next week sees Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt lost in space.

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