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the-wolf-of-wall-street-posterThe financial services industry might be viewed more kindly if it didn’t so openly revel in The Wolf of Wall Street, this week’s big release. With rogue traders proclaiming Jordan Belfort’s book to be an inspiration, and banks putting on screenings of the film for employees, it’s no wonder they come in for such public opprobrium. Scorsese’s latest stars Leonardo Di Caprio as the flamboyant conman Belfort, who wasted almost as much money on crazy entertainment as he stole from clients. Highly lauded with record breaking swearing, it’s a must see.

The continuing education of Michael Cera moves forward apace in Chilean comedy Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus. Far gone are his woodblock playing, rule abiding Arrested Development days. Here, he’s on a quest for a rare hallucinogen with a group of friends when he invites a mystery woman to join them. It promises an odd, and also oddly charming, experience.

Fans of classic cinema, or knuckle tattoos, are in for a treat with the re-release of The Night of the Hunter. It may be in both black and white but the heart of Charles Laughton’s superlative thriller is much closer to the dark side. Robert Mitchum plays one of the most sinister characters in cinematic history as the reverend turned serial killer who insinuates his way into a widow’s household to try and steal her dead husband’s hidden wealth. Laughton never directed another film after this suffered misguided critical and commercial failure on its debut. But that doesn’t diminish one of the greatest thrillers ever to grace the silver screen.

Out on DVD this week comes Riddick. Much like Vin Diesel’s career, Riddick is a man who keeps surviving against all the odds. Here, he has another treacherous planet to endure after being double crossed. This intergalactic Bear Grylls is put through his paces against vicious predators and mercenaries in what amounts to a decent survival film for a while. Fear not though as it soon gives up and descends into chaos. If thinking and quality are not high on your list of requirements for a film, this might just be the one for you.

See you next week as super January rolls on with yet another quality Coen brothers film.

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