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Apparently we must have a major vote every year. Just in case there wasn’t enough turmoil already, it’s time to return to the polls for a General Election. That basically means things are going to get pretty hectic. Before electioneering takes over, you might want to take a breath and get down to the cinema. This week we have period drama, riot vans, corporate violence, and over on DVD a bit of American heroism.

Their Finest is essentially the very essence of British period drama. You could almost see it popping up in a few election broadcasts in the next few weeks. It comes draped in the Union Jack with an uplifting World War II story about a film crew making a morale boosting film post-Dunkirk. There’s also a charmingly clipped cast including Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, and the always entertaining Bill Nighy. And to top it off the reviews have been pretty good. A decent option to start the weekend then.

Clash comes with a high concept that has the potential to descend into a damp squib. The entire film takes place in the back of a riot van in Egypt, right after the Muslim Brotherhood President has been overthrown. Far from falling short though, an engrossing and thought-provoking biopsy of Egyptian society unfolds, the van fast filling with a number of people from differing viewpoints. Neatly side-stepping cheap emotional shortcuts, director/writer Mohamed Diab shines a light on rifts that can’t be so easily healed.

Our final cinematic release arrives with a quintessential horror set-up. The Belko Experiment throws a collection of Americans into a Colombian high-rise office block and pits them against each other. It’s going to offer a fair amount of violence as corporate titans’ batter heads in for an hour and a half. If you need a little stress release, why not give it a go.

It was obvious almost straightaway that Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s efforts to save his stricken passenger would be made into a movie. Tom Hanks plays the title role in Sully with Clint Eastwood behind the camera. What is more unexpected is the decision to avoid a down-the-line hero narrative, throwing in self-doubt and profound personal struggle along the way. This makes the DVD release worth more than just a cursory glance.

We’ll call it a day here. See you next week for more adventures in space with Chris Pratt.

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