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RIPD-posterThis weekend Men In Black appears to get a spin off film in the form of R.I.P.D. If you take the basic premise of Men In Black and replace the word ‘alien’ with ‘dead person’ you’ll pretty much be bang on when it comes to describing this film. Ryan Reynolds plays Will Smith and Jeff Bridges plays Tommy Lee Jones in this unimaginative caper.

Also out is the tiresome, and borderline offensive DIANA which stars Naomi Watts as Princess Diana and digs up the story of her romance with a heart surgeon in a ‘Take a break’ magazine style. See it on the True Story movie channel in 6 months or something.

And the on Blu-ray we have another FAST & FURIOUS film out… Think its number 23… Not sure… Vin Diesel is in it of course… Probably The Rock too… Yeah… That sounds right…

Anyway, I’m far too ill to watch anything this weekend so… I’ll see you in bed! (Not literally because that’s just…pervy.)

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