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The evenings are bright and this Easter weekend promises two additional days off from work. So make the most of it and take a nice stroll down to your local cinema where a few great options are available.

The death of one of the franchise’s two leading men cast a shadow over Fast & Furious 7 a long time ago now. There’s bound to be a deep seam of sadness running through the latest entry in a series that majors more in screeching tyres than emotion. There are other reasons to look forward to the new edition though. Recent films have been getting steadily better, Jason Statham joins Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and crew, and this time pulp genre director James Wan steps behind the camera. So buckle up and hold on tight.

At the opposite end of the spectrum comes a new Noah Baumbach film. Beloved by many for his quirky yet cutting style, he’s managed a string of critical hits that include The Squid and the Whale, Greenberg and Frances Ha (a film I must admit I personally hated). Teaming up again with Ben Stiller, who took the title role in Greenberg, the comic actor plays a documentary maker struggling to complete his second film when a young pretender, the apparently ubiquitous Adam Driver, turns up on the scene. Supposedly more accessible than previous films, While We’re Young is still drawing great notices.

The real treat this Easter break is the cinematic release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic has gone through various versions since its 1982 release, but this is said to be Scott’s definitive effort. Confusingly, the director’s cut before was not entirely his cut. The story, based loosely on a Philip K. Dick novel, follows Harrison Ford’s police officer Rick Deckard who works hunting down humanoid replicants in one of the best future worlds put on screen. The final cut looks great, and adds further clues to Deckard’s origins. Don’t miss this opportunity.

If you’re stuck at home with family over the bank holiday period but still want a bit of sci-fi spectacle, the latest from one of the best modern day practitioners, Christopher Nolan, is out now. Interstellar came with high expectations that could never really have been met. In a dying near future world, Matthew McConaughey must blast off in search of a new home for humanity tearing him away from his daughter. The emotional moments, barring one stunning scene, are a little trite, but when he focusses on the bigger picture, Nolan delivers truly astonishing sequences. Probably his weakest film since Insomnia, it will still knock your socks off more than once.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the long weekend and I’ll see you on the other side for a dog avenging Keanu Reeves.

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