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How fortunate the sequel to Independence Day lands in time for the EU referendum. Even better, either side can take it as a good omen. Now we know Leave won, we’ve had time for Nigel Farage to declare our own Independence Day. Or you could forget about all this choosing the future of your nation business and just watch aliens smash stuff up. Failing that, there’s also Elvis, animals and blacklisted screenwriters to enjoy.

First to Independence Day: Resurgence. It’s been twenty years and my hasn’t Earth been busy. Everything looks all zippy and space age after those aliens kindly left us their super advanced technology in smoking ruins. The bad news is they’ve returned. The good news is so have Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. Will Smith is a no-show, but he sent his fictional son. Expect vast explosions, the destruction of all our most cherished landmarks, again, and a few gags. Don’t expect it to make much sense. But if you came for sense, you’re in the wrong screen.

Everyone loves Elvis, everyone loves to hate Nixon. Bringing the two together to show their meeting in 1970 seems like a no-brainer. It helps that Kevin Spacey plays the disgraced President and Michael Shannon the King. There’s not a whole lot to Elvis & Nixon admittedly, but what there is proves a lot of fun. Plus there’s no EU or Nigel Farage.

Our final cinema release of the week is a change of pace again. The Secret Life of Pets pulls back the curtain to show just what our favourite animals get up to when we’re not looking. Louis C.K. voices a Jack Russell Terrier who has his life turned upside down when his owner gets another dog. Cue crazy adventures across the city with a wise-cracking cast. Sounds just what we all need.

If you can’t face going out this weekend, why not retire to the living room (or anywhere with a screen) to watch Bryan Cranston bring famously blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo to life. Trumbo does goes a little overboard but it’s fast and funny, and for anyone who loves classic Hollywood there’s the chance to see a number of your favourite stars brought back to life.

That should do you for now. See you next week when a much loved sitcom hits cinemas.

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