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The England women’s football team came so close to the World Cup final, putting their male counterparts to shame, and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon mission is underway. It’s summer and in the blistering heat, sport is capturing all the headlines again. It’s not for everyone though, and even fans need a break. If all that running around in the sun is too much to handle, here’s the new releases to tide you over.

Arnie’s back and James Cameron likes it. After dissing Rise of the Machines and Salvation (not unfairly), the man who brought us the original two classics has given Terminator Genisys his blessing. He’s at odds with critics who have so far failed to be impressed by director Alan Taylor’s take, part continuance and part reimagining. In this fifth edition, John Connor once again sends Kyle Reese back to protect his mother Sarah Connor, only to find everything turned on its head. Emilia Clarke plays a hard as nails Sarah who ends up protecting Jai Courtney’s Reese more than he helps her. And Arnie is still there, aging but determined as ever.

Asif Kapadia knows how to make a documentary. 2010’s Senna was rightly lauded, capturing the myth and the man behind brilliantly. Turning to another life tragically cut short, Amy focusses on singer Amy Winehouse who died from alcohol poisoning in 2011. After receiving praise at Cannes, the film moves to home shores with a strong reputation and a whiff of controversy after her father claimed Kapadia deliberately made him out to be the villain. If you like her music, or simply want to watch an excellent film, check it out.

Moving to fictional performers, Magic Mike XXL brings Channing Tatum’s reluctant stripper back to the big screen, minus original director Steven Soderbergh (he remains as cinematographer and editor). The tone is lighter this time as Mike returns to the game for a last blow-out at Myrtle Beach. There’s no Matthew McConaughey, and the reviews are much less positive than the admired original, but there is Andie MacDowell and an unabashed attempt to have a good time. Hopefully that proves enough.

Cherish the good horror films because they sometimes struggle amidst a sea of cheap scare dross. Out now on DVD, It Follows certainly falls into the good category. Starting from a simple premise, David Robert Mitchell’s film sees a young woman pursued by a mysterious supernatural presence that is passed onto another unlucky victim via sex. Brilliantly tense, loaded with sub-text and shot across a decaying Detroit, it’s a very good film that deserves a home.

There goes another week. See you next time for Irish mythology and Brian Wilson.

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