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Well no one quite saw that happening at the Oscars last week. It just goes to show the benefit of watching to the end, which is admittedly easier said than done when it’s almost time to go to work when it’s finished. But that’s all in the past. What we do know is that awards season is firmly behind us, and a new month has arrived bringing retiring superheroes, carefully paced indie cinema, scrapping teachers, and zombie-filled trains.

For what seems like the millionth time, and we’re assured is the last, Hugh Jackman is appearing to top up the pension fund as Wolverine. Logan finds him past his prime and undertaking one final mission in a bleak future. The tone is darker, the action grittier, and the response has been pretty good so far. After playing the character for 17 years in a series of films that have proven largely mediocre, it looks like he’s going out strong.

It seems everything Kelly Reichardt touches turns to gold. It’s a slow-burning, subtle gold, but that only makes the sparkle brighter. Certain Women, adapted from Maile Meloy’s short stories, tells three separate tales featuring women in remote Montana. There’s Laura Dern’s lawyer dealing with a difficult client, Michelle Williams trying to build her dream house, and breakout star Lily Gladstone falling for Kristen Stewart at night school. It’s quiet and unassuming, before creeping up and turning devastating.

Subtlety is not something to be found in Fist Fight. Charlie Day and Ice Cube star as two teachers preparing for a fight after the former is involved in getting the latter fired. The reviews have been pretty horrendous, but the talent involved is almost certainly good enough to elicit the odd laugh. That should make the whole thing acceptable, if not actually outright entertaining.

Over on DVD we continue to ignore subtlety for South Korean zombie thriller Train to Busan. After the usual experimenting goes wrong, the country sees the creation of an ever-increasing swarm of zombies’ intent on ripping apart anyone they find. Meanwhile, a train speeds across the country with a collection of oddballs including a father transporting his young daughter. It’s fast and fun, and worth owning.

That’s everything for now. I’m off for a couple of weeks but you’ll be left in safe hands.

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