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non-stop-posterI vaguely remember a time when Liam Neeson used to be a credible actor making important films. Now, a new effort from the taciturn action hero signals quality on par with a Jason Statham film. In Non-Stop, he gets to play an Air Marshall trapped on a plane where someone is murdering people and framing him for the crime. There is a single moment when he grabs a gun in slow motion that sums up the film. It is incredibly trashy and yet it somehow manages to work. Much like his recent career.

There is a reason the Nazis pop up so often in films. Rarely has an evil that malicious achieved such out and out dominance and then been beaten so thoroughly. The Book Thief tells the tale of a young girl who helps to shelter a Jewish guest from the murderous regime along with precious books. It ticks all inspirational boxes and the peerless John Williams provides the score. No other reason to watch is needed.

Technically this came out last week for a one night only special event but now both volumes of Nymphomaniac from the controversial Danish auteur Lars von Trier are on general release. He is not a man known to shy away from controversial topics and here he follows the sexual journey of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character as she moves through a number of scenes that range from erotic to obsessed to disturbing. Perhaps not easy viewing but that is no reason not to go.

When will the end loom up for Marvel? Thor: The Dark World, out on DVD this week, is a perfectly fine superhero film but it is a very average retread of all the previous Marvel films. This time, Chris Hemsworth’s Norse God is fighting an evil race led by Christopher Eccleston. It is entertaining but there is not one moment that is new to the franchise. Unless they come up with something soon, it will be time to bid their heroes goodbye.

That is the end of the films this week but do not go away yet. One of the highlights of 2013, Gravity, is out on DVD on Monday. Luckily for you, Culturefly has a one-of-a-kind goody bag to give away. Click here to enter the competition. (Open to UK residents only.)

Good luck and I will see you next week.

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