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gravity-posterThis weekend’s massive release is GRAVITY, an absolute tour de force, sci-fi epic, bonanza, acclaim stealing, barnstorming, potential award winning, trouser ripping event of a film. Set in space (obviously), it tells the tale of two astronauts (obviously) who get stranded in space (obviously) and lose all contact with earth. This is a definite must see starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

And on the Blu-ray front it appears the clear winner for my recommendation this weekend is THIS IS THE END which is a hilarious romp where Seth Rogen, James Franco and loads of other celebs play themselves at a big Hollywood party where, wouldn’t you know it, the end of the world happens. It’s hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot more than THE WORLD’S END… Controversial I know but the Peggster let me down there…

I’ll get over it.

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