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Weekend At The Movies: Don’t Breathe As You Stare At Chris Pine

Weekend At The Movies: Don’t Breathe As You Stare At Chris Pine

The cinema has finished nursing its blockbuster hangover with this weekend featuring genre entries, indies and an animated movie.

If you’re looking for a fright, Fede Alvarez, the man who remade the Evil Dead by pumping it with steroids, has a new horror movie for you. Don’t Breathe, the reigning US box-office champ, features three teens who break into a blind man’s house thinking it’s a simple score, and then things go wrong. The set up may seem familiar but Alvarez slices a new path and his star, Jane Levy, can scream queen with the best of them.

From one genre entry to another, Hell or High Water has got critics talking in hyperbole with it saving the independent movie industry and honouring the 1970s new wave, a movement film journalists just can’t get over with the Boston Globe saying: “They don’t make them like this anymore — but they still can, and here’s proof.” Starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster as bank-robbing brothers and Jeff Bridges as the sheriff who pursues them, this is a muscular film about masculinity and possibly contains Pine’s best performance.

A lot of people bemoan that contemporary cinema has lost its intelligence. This is a lie. Intelligence can be found in the cartoons weirdly labelled “For Children”. Laika’s latest stop-motion adventure, Kubo and the Two Strings, is a delight for the kids and their parents with a young boy setting off on a quest with the help of Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron to defeat Rooney Mara.

Just as the summer is winding down, the movie that launched this year’s season, Captain America: Civil War, is out on DVD/Blu-Ray/whatever. Cap and his crew deliver the stock Marvel thrills and don’t forget to entertain.

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