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Jennifer Lawrence might have won an Oscar at an impressively young age, but it’s her turn as Katniss Everdeen that made her a star. The series, having spawned a number of irritating dystopian young adult knock-offs since, returns for one last spin this week. Mockingjay will steal the headlines but there’s Aussie drama, violent romance, and Brian Wilson to enjoy elsewhere.

So here we are. After ruining their favourite TV show, Jennifer Lawrence’s campaign to destroy the friendly world of Panem and its definitely not-at-all sinister leader played by Donald Sutherland finally comes to an end. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 arrives to close out the series, most likely in a blaze of money-making glory. After two good films, the third, partly a result of the tedious decision to split it into two, dragged. Here’s hoping we’re returning to the good old days of blood sports and archery.

Flying the flag for the generation above Lawrence, Kate Winslet returns in Aussie drama The Dressmaker. Unsurprisingly, she plays a maker of dresses, returning to her old town under something of a cloud. There’s romance with Liam Hemsworth (also a love interest in Mockingjay), a flamboyant Hugo Weaving and lots of opportunities for Winslet to enrich the lives of poor country schmucks with her fancy fashion skills. It will probably be as good and bad as it sounds.

Here’s some guaranteed quality to close out the cinematic releases. Returning to cinemas comes Tony Scott’s Tarantino penned cult favourite, True Romance. Over two decades after first release, Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette’s bloody prostitution turned drug deal gone wrong love story is as enjoyably crazy as it’s ever been. And if for some reason you’re not down with violence and beautiful machine gun dialogue, you can sit and star watch instead. If there’s one film to catch on the big screen over the weekend, it’s this one.

Ah but it’s starting to get cold and you might not want to go outside. In that case you can always turn to the Beach Boys for a bit of sunshine, or at least Love & Mercy, the Brian Wilson biopic released earlier in the year and out now to own. Spread across two time periods, Paul Dano and John Cusack play Wilson, with Paul Giamatti popping up as a villain in his second musical jaunt of the year. It flew a little under the radar on release, but it is worth discovering.

I’ll let you get on your way now. Next week the awards big hitters roll into town. See you then Mr. Spielberg.

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