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the-amazing-spiderman-2-posterIt’s the long Easter weekend so there’s quite frankly no excuse not to pop down to the cinema this week. Here’s what you’ve got lined up.

Andrew Garfield is back as everyone’s favourite web slinging hero in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. After 2012s moderately successful reboot of a franchise that only started this side of the millennium, he’s back fighting pretty much the same people Tobey Maguire used to scrap with. And a flattened out blue Jamie Foxx. All the characters look like they’ve fallen straight out of a cereal packet, and the special effects have an unreal glow, but it’s nice to watch a superhero film that doesn’t think it’s a dark exploration of the human psyche for once.

What happens if you put Tom Hardy in a car and make him drive down the motorway for just over an hour attempting to patch up his relationship and fix a concrete based crisis? You get Locke. Drawing a surprising amount of tension from normally mundane topics, Locke ultimately falls short but it’s an ambitious film led by a strong central performance even if Hardy’s welsh accent seems to change depending on which mile marker he’s at on the M1.

Remember when Lukas Moodysson films didn’t make you feel physically sick and slightly disgusted to be human? I thought not. The director who once wooed us with complex but uplifting fare like Show Me Love and Together took a dark turn for the better part of a decade, but he’s emerged out of the shadows with We Are the Best!, an affectionate look at a teenage punk band. It’s a delightful coming of age story well worth checking out.

Fresh from a wave of awards nominations, Nebraska, Alexander Payne’s return to top form, is out on DVD this week. Following Bruce Dern’s senile alcoholic on a trip to claim a fortune he hasn’t actually won, it’s a beautifully drawn drama packed full of laugh out loud moments, many of them centring on Dern’s firebrand wife played by June Squibb. If you’ve somehow managed to miss it, now’s the time to correct this mistake.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the holidays and I’ll see you next week.

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