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Alan Partridge Alpha Papa posterThis weekend saw one of my favourite comedy characters arrive on the big screen, yes it was ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA. I saw it on Wednesday and it was brilliantly funny – I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re a Partridge fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Also out now is the latest in Disneys line of ‘not very good’ films, THE LONE RANGER, which features Johnny Depp as a native American (typecast) and the ridiculously named Armie Hammer playing second fiddle to Depp but playing the title character. And because this is a Johnny Depp film, obviously Helena Bonham Carter is in it too. It looks like a big bag of poo.

And if your staying in this Sunday night you could always rent Danny Boyle’s marvellous psychological thriller, TRANCE, starring James McAvoy as an art dealer who helps with a heist that goes wrong. Problem is he’s lost his memory so can’t help solve the mystery of what actually happened! What a bummer!

And that’s my tale of movies this weekend…it’s a sad tale but it’s all I got…

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