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It’s no secret that we love anything to do with Game of Thrones here at Culturefly, so when we saw the trailer for Matthew Reinhart’s Pop-Up Guide to Westeros we just had to share it.

Inspired by the epic TV title sequence, the guide is the ultimate piece of merchandise for fans of the show and features pop-up recreations of key locations from the series including the castle at Winterfell and the capital city of King’s Landing.

Designed by paper engineer Matthew Reinhart, the guide folds out to create a pop-up map of Westeros and that’s not all – there are also mini-pop-ups such as the iconic direwolves, White Walkers and dragons.

No word on whether this is available in the UK but having it shipped over from America will set you back around £68.00 (including postage). A small price to pay if you’re a die-hard fan of the series.

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