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From corsets and petticoats to bloodstains and battlegrounds, it’s a very different Regency-era England that we find ourselves in with the first official trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Yes, when faced with an undead uprising, everyone must fight… including the Bennet sisters.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies stars Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet as she and her family attempt to navigate the societal pressures of 19th century England in the midst of an undead uprising. Sam Riley takes on the role of the monster-hunting Mr Darcy and the two quickly come to learn that all’s fair in love and zombie apocalypses.

Accompanied by the perfect soundtrack – ‘Born to be Wild’ by J2 featuring Blu Holliday – the trailer is a surprisingly good mix of classic period drama and gory horror, combining moody and atmospheric shots of a London on fire and zombies lurking with the typical regency scenes of ballroom dancing and entertaining guests at dinner, and proves once and for all that this undead twist on the classic has the potential to please everyone.

Between sheathing swords underneath their dresses to pulling some (literally) killer moves on the dance floor, the Bennet sisters are clocking up some major badass points in these two minutes, and Lily James in particular looks set to breathe new fire into the heroine we already know and love.

“A woman must have a thorough knowledge of singing, dancing, and the art of war,” we are told, and while I don’t know about the singing and dancing, it’s looking like these sisters have the art of war down.

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