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Simon West’s Wild Card – starring tough guy Jason Statham and Modern Family‘s Sophia Vergara – is released in just over a week and to celebrate the release of the upcoming crime-thriller, Lionsgate UK have released a brand new clip titled ‘The Bar Fight’.

It’s not quite as explosive as the title suggests but it’s a short and sweet peak at the Statham/Vergara dynamic we can look forward to.

Based on a 1985 William Goldman novel, Wild Card sees Statham take on the role of Las Vegas bodyguard Nick Wild, who has a dangerous profession and a just as troublesome gambling addiction. When a friend is brutally attacked, Nick retaliates, only to realise he’s chasing after the son of a mob boss. Nick becomes a wanted man, plunged into the criminal underworld and chased by both enforcers and the mob.

Acting alongside Statham and Vergara are Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Michael Angarano (Almost Famous). Wild Card is out in cinemas March 20.

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