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Before Paul Feig wrangles up a new crew of Ghostbusters, there’s just the small matter of Spy to deal with first. The third collaboration between Feig and regular muse Melissa McCarthy has just dropped its first trailer and features all the usual slapstick comedy beats that we’ve come to expect from the duo that brought us the likes of Bridesmaids and The Heat.

McCarthy plays the unassuming, mild mannered, deskbound CIA analyst Susan Cooper, who also happens to be the unsung hero from many of the agency’s most dangerous missions. But when her partner disappears and another top agent is compromised, Cooper volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer and prevent a global catastrophe.

Starting off with Jude Law in full on James Bond mode, the trailer takes a turn with a nifty gag involving Law’s super spy getting a bad case of the sniffles.
spy-posterIf you’re a fan of Feig and McCarthy’s previous work, then you’ll be more than excited about what’s on offer here. While some gags fail to hit in this first trailer, there’s certainly the potential for fun and the same kind of wit that the pair brought to the buddy cop genre. Also, McCarthy’s trademark charm and Feig’s assured handling of comedy is enough to get anyone excited for this movie.

Plus it’s great to see the likes of Jude Law and Jason Statham being allowed to exercise their comedic chops for a change.

Also starring the likes of Rose Byrne and Alison Janney, Spy hits cinemas May 22 in the US and June 5 here in the UK.