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A new trailer for Kristian Levring’s The Salvation was released today. Starring Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen as a Danish immigrant, alongside Eva Green and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the film is a dust-filled tribute to the classic American western genre.

Set in the 1870’s among new settlers and outlaws, The Salvation follows Mikkelsen’s Jon as he struggles with the death of his wife and son who fall victim to a horrific crime. Jon kills the perpetrator out of grief but his actions set the ruthless Colonel Delarue on his tail, who is the brother of the man Jon killed.

Levring described the experience of making a western movie as a dream. “Ever since I was a child I have loved Westerns. Making The Salvation was like reliving my childhood imagination of a world that in every sense of the word was far away from my life.”

Like many of the great westerns, The Salvation is a tale of revenge but also one of survival amidst waste barren landscapes. It’s cinematic, brutal and dark, perfect for those who love a good old fashioned shootout.

You can catch The Salvation in cinemas from 17 April, 2015.

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